Bridge over the Berettyó River in Berettyóújfalu


Technical data

Building trades

railway and catenary design
bridge and structural design


MÁV Zrt.

Project value


Design value

66.00 millió Ft

Years of completion

2011 to 2014

Years of construction

2013 to 2014

The bridge over the Berettyó River in Berettyóújfalu had to be reconstructed not only because of the old age of the old structure built in 1927, but also a larger clearance was needed for the construction of the catenary of the currently unelectrified railway line. The new bridge has a steel truss structure, with a directly fastened railway track laid on continuous flexible ballast. During construction, the old superstructure had to be temporarily relocated onto the new substructure, and railway traffic was running on the railway line for a few months. For this, a special connection had to be established between the superstructure and the substructure.

Main details of the new structure:
Spans: 2 x 54.0 m
Type of superstructure: steel truss with symmetrical bracing, orthotropic deck and direct (Edilon) rail fastening.
Total length of the bridge: 109.88 m
Railway chainage: Püspökladány–Biharkeresztes railway line, 1415+52
Structural steel grade: S355 J2+N (Hungarian Standard MSZ EN 10025)