A DN 700 district heating main to Marina Embankment, Sub-area 1. Approval and Detailed Design


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41.00 millió Ft

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The construction of a comprehensive and contiguous district heating system in Budapest can be carried out through the development of district heating supply. In this connection, strategic district heating mains connecting the heating supply systems, to which economically operating new and old heat generation units can be connected and from which new consumer areas can also be supplied, must be constructed. This system, which will gradually grow into a uniform network in the future, will, in addition to expanding supply, greatly increase the security of heat supply.

When a route is laid out for the new strategic district heating mains, an effort must be made to approach, on the one hand, the city centre and potential development areas and, on the other hand, available low cost heat sources. The new routes must conform to the concept of establishing a large uniform system, valid since the beginning of the implementation of district heating supply. As part of this, it must be attained that the most important strategic routes for district heating mains remain available for subsequent pipeline construction.

Therefore, the principal goal of the development of district heating supply is to improve competitiveness in order to achieve energy policy, environmental protection and economic objectives, and the most rational means for this, in accordance with the concept existing since the establishment of district heating supply in the capital, is the establishment of a uniform district heating supply system supplied from several heat sources in Metropolitan Budapest.

Taking the above into account, FŐTÁV Zrt. has commissioned FŐMTERV Zrt. to prepare the approval and detailed designs of the reference district heating main.

The size of the proposed pipeline, which can be directly laid into the ground, is 2xDN 700/900 and it has a route length of 2,700 m.

Under the project, our company performed a comprehensive design task together with Reál-Energo Kft. as its consortium partner.