Technological and supplementary detailed design of the Szolnok–Szajol railway line section


Technical data

Building trades

road design
railway and catenary design
utility design
electrical and mechanical design
telecommunication design
environmental engineering design
bridge and structural design


TISZA-2013 Konzorcium (Közgép Zrt., Swietelsky Vasúttechnika Kft., Strabag Vasútépítő Kft.)

Project value


Design value

343.00 millió Ft

Years of completion

2014 to 2015

Years of construction

2014 to 2015

The railway line section is one of the busiest interstation sections of the Hungarian railway network, therefore, both the section and the bridge over the Tisza River have high strategic importance. The purpose of the refurbishment project is to construct a modern, reliable railway line with low operating costs, which is suitable for both trains running at a speed of 160 km/h and receiving an axle load of 225 kN.

The railway track, catenary network, area lighting, signalling system and telecommunication network are reconstructed at full cross-section on the section.

Major engineering structures and interventions:

  • Bridge over the Tisza River: Refurbishment of floodplain bridges with a new steel orthotropic deck structure; reinforcement of substructures; two new single-track superstructures for a river bridge; and demolition of the old double-track river bridge;
  • New floodplain bridge over the Tisza River: A new 40,0 m span bridge was built for accelerating the flow of floodwaters;
  • Bridge over the Zagyva River: Refurbishment of a double-track bridge with a new steel orthotropic deck structure;
  • Besenyszög subway: replacement of superstructure.

The supplementary detailed and technological design of the bridge over the Tisza River was outstanding among our tasks.