M0 Motorway, Bridge D2 3.08/2


Technical data

Building trades

bridge and structural design


A-HÍD Építő Zártkörűen A-Híd Építő Zártkörű Működő Részvénytársaság

Design value

13.60 millió Ft

Years of completion

2012 to 2013

Years of construction

2012 to 2013

The bridge was designed under the project entitled ‘M0 ring South Sector, M6 Motorway–Trunk Road No. 51 (between chainages 12+140 and 23+200 km), Section I/A (3-4)’, where the motorway was expanded: the existing carriageway constructed in 1988 assumed the role of the left carriageway, while the newly built carriageway became the right carriageway of the M0 Motorway.

The bridge spans Trunk Road No. 6 and the Budapest–Székesfehérvár railway line in a strong, R=500 m right curve and with a significant cross gradient.

Its spans correspond to the respective spans of a bridge at a distance of about 0.30 m from it, with clear span values of 16.21, 25.67, 25.67 and 16.23 m.

Its foundation was made with continuously drilled piles, in the case of the bridge abutments, starting from the embankment, with a diameter of 1.20 m. In the case of the intermediate piers, five rectangular section columns start from the pile-connecting girders, which are surrounded by lintels.

The superstructure consists of local 90 cm high R/C slabs prefabricated at a plant, in composite action with prestressed R/C concrete ITG bridge girders.

During the expansion of the M0 Motorway, the new roadway was made with concrete paving, where it was possible, also on the bridges, including Bridge No. 3.08/2.

Three lanes and a hard shoulder of the M0 Motorway are carried by the bridge with a total width of 21.88 m. There are pavements on both edges of the bridge, including increased retention grade road safety railings and a 4 m high noise barrier wall installed on the external site of each kerb.

The bridge is also provided with public lighting. The street lamps are set up in the right kerb.

The bridge can be accessed for inspection and operation purposes on stairs on its south side.