Design and obtaining the approval required for the proposed replacement of the permanent way on tram lines 4 and 6, Tátra utca–Aradi utca section


Technical data

Building trades

traffic engineering
railway and catenary design
bridge and structural design


BKV Zrt.

Design value

11.30 millió Ft

Years of completion

2013 to 2015

Years of construction


A study and detailed designs were prepared under the tender.

The purpose of the study was to examine a permanent way for the reconstruction of the tramway in Nagykörút, a boulevard, which, if constructed, will result in a condition of the tramway allowing the target speed to be ensured with minimum maintenance tasks performed (both in time and cost), and its paving is suitable for not only traffic by vehicles with emergency signals on, but also buses running as tram substitutes as planned.

Of the alternatives presented in the study, the Principal chose permanent way 59R2 with embedded grooved rails.

Description of the selected alternative:

  • Embedded grooved rails 59R2 above the existing reinforced concrete slabs.
  • The groove required for the rails (ensuring an embedding widht and thickness of minimum 2 cm beside the rails) has a width of 220 mm wide and a depth of 190 mm.
  • The rails protrude 10 mm from the paving.
  • Connection between the existing reinforced concrete slabs and the paving laid above them must be ensured. This requires reinforcement bars to be placed into the newly constructed paving and connecting reinforcement bars (starter bars) cemented into the existing reinforced concrete slabs, thus the two slabs will have composite action. The constructed paving is, at the same time, the supporting slab of the superstructure.
  • The paving is made of basalt concrete (Cp4/2.7). The paving must be constructed with a slab pattern corresponding to the concrete technology and, in addition, expansion gaps must also be made.
  • The space under the rail groove, which is minimum 2 cm and is assumed to be maximum 10 cm thick, must be filled with a concrete improving layer.

The detailed designs were prepared for the section between Tátra utca and Aradi utca and, for the reconstruction of the permanent way, connected to refurbishment in Jászai Mari tér and Oktogon tér.