Refurbishment of the tracks on tram lines 37, 24 and 28 (intersection of Salgótarjáni út and Fiumei út)


Technical data

Building trades

road design
traffic engineering
railway and catenary design
utility design
electrical and mechanical design
telecommunication design


BKV Zrt.

Design value

22.50 millió Ft

Years of completion

2013 to 2014

Years of construction


As commissioned by BKV Zrt., our Company prepared approval and detailed designs for the reconstruction of tracks around Teleki tér and between Salgótarjáni út and Orczy tér.

The purpose of the design was to upgrade the route of Combino vehicles to and from a car depot.

The design area includes the sections between Népszínház utca, Fiumei út, Magdolna utca and Salgótarjáni út as well as the connection of the lathe track of the Baross Car Depot with the tracks in Dobozi utca.

The design affected the routes of tram lines 28, 37 (37/A) and 24 and connections to the Baross Car Depot.

In the assignment, the traffic route of tram line 37 changed to the route of Népszínház utca–Fiumei út–Salgótarjáni út.

The tracks received a modern permanent way system, and the catenary and public lighting were completely redesigned. Due to the changed traffic route, the traffic lights of the junction of Fiumei út and Salgótarjáni út also had to be reprogrammed to cooperate with the railway signalling system.

Platforms with an elevation of rail head top surface+26 cm were designed for the two stops located in the design area. The entire drainage system was redesigned, together with the drainage of the sidings to be included and the point-operating mechanisms. The replacement of utilities located in the area, as required, was also designed.

In order to close the first phase of the work, the approval designs were submitted to the National Transport Authority, which issued a construction permit. The detailed designs were devised on the basis of this.