Detailed structural design of the Bikás Park Station of metro line M4


Technical data

Building trades

bridge and structural design


BPV-Metro 4 Építési Kkt.

Project value


Design value

0.00 millió Ft

Years of completion

2006 to 2007

Years of construction

2006 to 2010

The station was built from above with an inner watertight lining cut-off wall in the unbuilt-up area of Bikás park. The main load-bearing ceiling slab is a ribbed reinforced concrete slab. It is situated at a relatively shallow depth, thus the station has a large air space without lateral supporting beams. The escalators lead to the street level in two sections, built at an angle in the subway, conforming to the directions of traffic at street level. At the subway levels, cross beams prop the cut-off walls. The station is provided with natural light primarily through a skylight dome constructed at the exits and in the subway as a large opening in the upper ceiling slab.