Construction of the stormwater side of the Ferencváros Pumping Station


Technical data

Building trades

road design
traffic engineering
railway and catenary design
utility design
electrical and mechanical design



Project value


Design value

125.00 millió Ft

Years of completion

2009 to 2010

Years of construction


Placed into service in 1894, the Ferencváros Pumping Station is the oldest sewage and stormwater lift station in Budapest. It has been refurbished several times in the past decades; the last one was linked to the construction of the Metropolitan Central Sewage Treatment Plant. At that time, the Ferencváros Pumping Station became an intermediate sewage lift station. The newly established stormwater lift station pumps the sewage to the main current of the river. The old lift station building and pumps were retained. The system constructed on the stormwater side has a five-storey deep stormwater lift station building at its core, with an inner diameter of 26.4 m.

The project regarding the system of the Ferencváros Pumping Station constructed on the stormwater side received the High Achievement Award of the Construction Industry in 2011.