Detailed design of Section K2-A, Fővám tér and Vámház körút


Technical data

Building trades

road design
traffic engineering
railway and catenary design
utility design
electrical and mechanical design
telecommunication design
environmental engineering design
bridge and structural design


Alterra-Colas-Eger Konzorcium

Project value


Design value

384.00 millió Ft

Years of completion

2007 to 2010

Years of construction

2007 to 2013

Kapcsolódó anyagok

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A subway connected to the Fővám tér Station of metro line 4, it includes operating areas serving an underground passenger hall, an underground stop of tram line 2 and a passenger subway with the rooms of the future operator, FKF Zrt. The total area of the subway is 1,610 m2. The operating area covers 252 m2. Its headroom ranges between 3.96 and 3.81 m.

Passengers can reach the street level from the subway through fixed stairs and escalators and a couple of lifts. One set of fixed stairs, one escalator and one lift lead towards the university to the south and towards Belgrád rakpart to the north. The south lift provides unobstructed circulation for the disabled to two levels, i.e. to the sunken level in front of the university and to the level of the tram platforms. Fixed stairs also lead to the platform of tram lines 47 and 49 and to the street level next to the roadway in the direction of Gellért tér. Unobstructed circulation is provided at a traffic lights-controlled pedestrian crossing from the tram platform towards the pavements.
The subway has a hall system with a monolithic reinforced concrete structure. The ceiling slab is a mushroom ceiling supported by columns and walls. The 40 cm thick sidewalls are embedded in a 60 cm thick foundation slab, and the end wall next to the Liberty Bridge is also 40 cm thick. The reinforced concrete columns are circular in shape and are embedded in the foundation slab and the ceiling slab. They have a diameter of 70 cm. The foundation slab is 60 cm thick.