Electrification of railway line 17 of GYSEV


Technical data

Building trades

road design
traffic engineering
railway and catenary design
utility design
electrical and mechanical design
telecommunication design


Győr-Sopron-Ebenfurti Vasút Zrt.

Project value


Design value

350.00 millió Ft

Years of completion

2013 to 2014

Years of construction


As commissioned by GySEV Zrt., the CashFund Kft.–FŐMTERV Zrt.–ÁKMI Kft.–UVATERV Zrt. Consortium prepared electrification plans for railway line 17.

Under the project, the electrification of railway line 17 (Szombathely-Zalaszentiván) operated by GYSEV Zrt. and the design of the modification of the line, level crossings and a signalling system required for electrification on the line were carried out, which were supplemented by the development of passenger traffic facilities.

The railway telecommunications and area lighting networks concerned were also redesigned. A remote control system for catenary power was designed for the network. A replacement design was prepared for the utilities concerned and the telecommunications lines affected by interference from the catenary.

Four smaller engineering structures (culverts) were redesigned in the design area.

The design task was limited to the following major building trades and activities:


  • preparation of detailed and product designs and design parts;
  • preparation of as-built drawings;
  • design of modifications required on third party-owned equipment.

Railway line

  • station track works relating to the establishment of high platforms at stations and the upgrading of level crossings;
  • minor upgrading and sleeper repairs in open line sections;
  • upgrading of level crossings.

Passenger platforms and other passenger facilities

  • establishment of passenger platforms at stations at rail head top surface+55 cm level;
  • establishment of canopies at stations;
  • establishment of bicycle parks at stations and at certain stops.

Power supply and electric catenary

  • construction of a catenary system;
  • installation of remote control for catenary power;
  • establishment of line breakers;
  • additional works of the electrification of the railway line (earthing, protective devices, etc.).

Works on signalling systems

  • modifications of signalling systems.

Telecommunication works

  • establishment of connection with optical cables;
  • interference protection of communication lines;
  • replacements associated with track construction.

Utility crossings and engineering structures

  • standardisation and replacement of utility crossings and four smaller engineering structures;
  • area lighting, points heating and low voltage power supply;
  • upgrading of area lighting at stations and at certain stops;
  • installation of electric points heating in points and hollow sleepers;
  • installation of catenary pole transformers.

Railway electrification amounted to the vast majority of the design task.