Construction of the entire surroundings of the junction of Ferde utca and the connected Határ út, Budapest


Technical data

Building trades

road design
traffic engineering
railway and catenary design
utility design
electrical and mechanical design
telecommunication design
environmental engineering design


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Project value


Design value

12.00 millió Ft

Years of completion


Years of construction


Under a contractor agreement, we were responsible for preparing designs corresponding to the bid documentation in a public procurement procedure conducted regarding the ‘Reconstruction of the entire surroundings of the junction of Ferde utca and the connected Határ út, Budapest; preparation of approval and detailed designs and obtaining of permits and approvals’ and for obtaining the required permits of the authorities.
The surroundings of Ferde utca and the Határ út metro station and bus terminal were an untidy area in a very poor state of repair, which did not fulfil several of its functions. The reconstruction of the area and the reconsideration of the usability of the area were timely tasks. The complexity of the task, meeting its multi-player requirements and a very tight schedule of doing so posed a major challenge to the design team comprising 14 different building trades. The designers’ disciplined and flexible attitude towards the implementation of the project and an assignment requiring a lot of creativity and problem-solving skills from the participants was finally closed as a clear success.


  • preparation of design studies;
  • preparation of approval designs and obtaining of permits;
  • preparation of detailed designs;
  • preparation of tender designs and tender documentation.


  • With the proposed works, the metro station and its vicinity are significantly reconstructed and renovated.
  • The bus terminal is reconstructed, receives new basalt concrete roadway surfacing, and getting on and off the buses are facilitated by heightened platform edges.
  • The area covered with pavers, which may be used by pedestrians, significantly increases.
  • A landscaped, orderly area with a decorative pond is created at the metro station.
  • A row of trees tolerant of urban climate is planted along Üllői út.
  • The bus and tram terminals also receive a paver paving made accessible for the disabled.
  • A row of kiosks, which cannot be said to be aesthetic, is demolished.
  • Pedestrian space also increase with the reconstruction of Ferde utca, and more space will be available to those waiting at bus stops.
  • The concrete wall in front of a hotel is also pulled down.
  • The currently untended, litter-strewn green area enclosed by a bus turning terminal also undergoes landscaping work again, and a promenade lined with benches and provided with public lighting will run through it.
  • All pedestrian crossings in the vicinity of the bus terminal are made accessible for the disabled with sunken kerbs, and tactile paving elements are also built for them.
  • New, modern passenger shelters are constructed at the stops.
  • Modern ‘FUTÁR’ (COURIER) passenger information equipment provide current traffic information to customers.
  • The area in front of the pedestrian subway connected to the platform of tram line 50 also receives paver paving similarly to the platform.
  • The blind and the visually impaired are helped by a tactile strip in the line of the first and last doors of the vehicles and a safe circulation zone.
  • In order to make the platforms accessible for the disabled, ramps are constructed at the pedestrian crossings.

Upon the completion of the project, another high standard transport and public space serving several functions and different needs is provided to Budapest.