Approval design for the Budapest’s Heart - City Hall Forum Project


Technical data

Building trades

road design
traffic engineering
utility design
electrical and mechanical design
bridge and structural design


Erick van Egeraat City Hall Kft

Design value

24.00 millió Ft

Years of completion


Years of construction


The development of the building of the City Hall of the Capital of Budapest was designed by Erick van Egeraat City Hall Architects Office as the winner of the architecture tender associated with the Budapest’s Heart Programme. As their subcontractors, we were responsible for providing transport connections for the building, devising a traffic order for the underground parking garage, and preparing approval designs for the utility and engineering structure construction tasks required for them.

The design had to be coordinated with the designs of Károly körút previously made as an element of the Budapest’s Heart Representative Portal Area Project both in terms of transport and the construction of utilities and engineering structures.

Four traffic ramps, which provided access and exit in all directions, were designed from the central reservation of Károly körút for the underground parking garage of the City Hall, which, at the same time, would have been used as a high capacity public car park in the City Centre. In addition to providing parking for passenger cars arriving at the City Hall, the traffic order in the underground parking garage also had to be planned for coaches transporting tourists to the area. We recommended the occupancy rate of the underground parking garage to be forecast with changing display signs. A solution had to be provided for the parking of, and traffic order for, fire engines removed from the Fire Station affected by the development and to be demolished, as well as a smooth temporary traffic order during the period of construction had to be provided at the design level.

Planning the construction schedule for the utilities constructed under the Budapest’s Heart and City Hall Projects represented one of the greatest tasks as a result of the fact that the implementation of the two projects was separated in time.