New Main Street of the City Centre, Phase I


Technical data

Building trades

road design
traffic engineering
utility design
electrical and mechanical design
telecommunication design


Közlekedés Fővárosi Tervező Iroda Kft.

Project value


Design value

12.90 millió Ft

Years of completion

2007 to 2008

Years of construction

2009 to 2010

The New Main Street of the City Centre was implemented as commissioned and managed by the Local Government of Belváros-Lipótváros, with support from the European Union. Design was carried out by a consortium comprising Közlekedés Kft., FŐMTERV and Város-Teampannon Kft.
Phase I extended from Kálvin tér to Szabadság tér along Kecskeméti utca and Károlyi Mihály utca as well as Petőfi Sándor utca, Bécsi utca and Október 6-a utca, while Phase II connected previously completed sections through the modification of Ferenciek tere. The approval designs were completed up to Szent István körút, creating a contiguous pedestrian path later between the 8th, 9th and 13th Districts, connecting key squares in the 5th District.
Under the agency, FŐMTERV designed the section called University Quarter between Kálvin tér and Ferenciek tere where, as a result of its function, higher-than-average pedestrian traffic is characteristic, and it is a requirement to fit out meeting spaces, sitting facilities and restaurant patios through the minimisation of road traffic.


  • approval designs and obtaining of permits;
  • tender designs;
  • detailed designs.


  • wall-to-wall roadway and pedestrian space with natural stone paving;
  • road drainage with gutters on two sides;
  • new public lighting with custom-made poles;
  • upgrading of all utilities;
  • retractable bollards in Egyetem tér;
  • replanting of a tree row in Kecskeméti utca;
  • parking lane in Kecskeméti utca;
  • street furniture, small street fountains and statues.

The new Main Street of the City Centre was completed from Kálvin tér to Szabadság tér, leaving Ferenciek tere still unchanged in Phase I, with public lighting poles of a high standard, tree rows, spectacular moving water jets and resting spaces, patios, enticing pedestrians, tourists and students back to the commercial and student quarter, demonstrating that the exclusion of road traffic from the most important pedestrian axes can provide a higher quality, healthier living space, making the crowded City Centre, too, attractive for a pleasant pastime.
There is still two-way traffic to Magyar utca to allow access to the underground parking garage there and a possibility for buses arriving at Hotel Korona to turn back. The following section has one-way traffic and only city buses may enter from Egyetem tér, but cyclists may also ride opposite the direction of traffic, which is signposted. The paving is natural stone from wall to wall and limestone in pedestrian spaces, while granite provides an appropriate load-bearing capacity on the 4.5 m wide roadway and in the parking lane. Parking is allowed on both sides in Kecskeméti utca, while only on one side to a limited extent in the other sections, because there are benches, small street fountains and drinking fountains on the other side. The public lighting poles are modern, symbolising branching trees in squares and are straight in the street sections. Drainage is provided by gutters on two sides. The provision of utility services was designed by also taking into account events to be held here.