Function-expanding rehabilitation of the city centre of Veszprém, Phases I and I/B


Technical data

Building trades

road design
traffic engineering
utility design
electrical and mechanical design
bridge and structural design


Veszprém Megyei Jogú Város Önkormányzat

Project value


Design value

123.90 millió Ft

Years of completion

2009 to 2013

Years of construction

2011 to 2013

As a result of the rehabilitation the city centre of Veszprém, the cultural and tourism functions of the city centre were expanded, public areas received quality area paving, green areas were refurbished, traffic conditions and parking facilities were improved, and the conditions for unobstructed circulation could also be provided. During the project, utility lines were refurbished or, if necessary, replaced, and new public lighting poles and street furniture were also installed in order to provide a uniform architectural image.

The approval and detailed designs were prepared as commissioned by the Local Government of the City of County Rank of Veszprém, while our company was requested to perform design engineer’s supervision by Vemévszer Kft. SPEOS Kft. and Veszprémi Építész Műhely Bt. participated in the preparation of the architectural and landscaping design sections.


  • preparation of approval designs and obtaining of permits;
  • preparation of detailed designs;
  • design engineer’s supervision.


  • renewal of Kossuth Lajos utca;
  • In the steep, lower ramp section of the street, area paving similar to the previous fishbone pattern but of high quality was made, highlighting the work of art entitled ‘Clock Tower’. In the upper section, in addition to the reconstruction of area paving and the provision of drainage, kiosk locations allowing shops to move outdoors with a neat appearance could be designated and new plant boxes could be established between them, all this conforming to the geometric system following the paving pattern.

  • Making the subway under Jutasi út accessible for the disabled;
  • The orderly, highly geometrical structure of Kossuth Lajos utca is relieved where the promenade is sunken below the street level: it is achieved by building varied, deflected retaining walls, letting plants creep on them and installing stand-alone plant boxes. Parallel to Jutasi út, a new pedestrian bridge provides direct connection over the subway.

  • Establishment of a new events space and playground in the wide street section formed by the building of Hotel Veszprém, the building of the Bástya Department Store and Jutasi út;
  • In addition to the refurbishment of the existing, protected green areas, additional green areas and a rose garden were planted. After reconstruction, the functions of the wide street section significantly increased: new moving water jets, a playground and parking spaces could also be established, all of which conform to the pattern of the new paving.

  • Construction of a service road behind a 20-storey high-rise and establishment of new parking spaces;
  • In order to eliminate previous chaotic parking conditions, the service road leading to the events space was reconstructed and new, orderly parking spaces were created parallel and perpendicular to the service road.

  • Renewal of the space in front of the post office;
  • In order to provide unobstructed circulation, instead of the previous wide street section connected with stairs, a comfortable ramp was constructed, and the green area ratio was increased through the modification of plant boxes.

  • Reconstruction of the area and establishment of a multi-storey car park in front of Lovassy László Grammar School
  • With the review of the traffic order in the area in front of the grammar school, a safer, pedestrian friendly space was created. Instead of the previous street level car park, a new multi-storey car park was designed.