M85 Dual Carriageway, Csorna Bypass, Phase II, connected road network


Technical data

Building trades

road design
traffic engineering
railway and catenary design
electrical and mechanical design
bridge and structural design



Design value

39,240,000.00 millió Ft

Years of completion


Years of construction


The Csorna Bypass of the M85 Dual Carriageway to be constructed in the long term can be divided into two phases. Phases I includes the east bypass, while Phase II, the south and west bypasses of the town.
The reference project was aimed at preparing a detailed environmental impact study and approval and detailed designs for Phase II of ‘K085.03 M85 Csorna’ together with the connected utility replacement, water mains construction, environmental protection and engineering structure designs and expropriation plans, as well as the obtaining the required permits and carrying out a road safety impact assessment. The assignment was awarded to Roden Kft. in the public procurement tender invited by Nemzeti Infrastruktúra Fejlesztő Zrt. Főmterv’TT Zrt. participated in the implementation of the work as a subcontractor of Roden Kft.

The designs were prepared in the following groups in terms of road construction:

  • Road construction, motorroad (chainages 27+100 to 31+855 km) Documentation A1
  • Road construction, national roads Documentation A2
  • Road construction, other roads Documentation A3
  • Road construction, bicycle path Documentation A4

Főmterv’TT Zrt. prepared the volumes entitled ‘A2. Road construction, national roads’ and ‘A4. Road construction, bicycle path’.
Volume A2 includes the design of a temporary end junction for the M85 Dual Carriageway implemented between chainages 27+100 and 31+855 km, which will also be able to function, with minor modifications, as an intermediate junction in the long term, if the construction of the M85 Dual Carriageway is continued. For this, Road No 8603 had to be rerouted, which provides a connection between the dual carriageway and the existing Trunk Road No. 85, which is, at the same time, the western section of the Csorna Bypass.
The new road No. 8603 crosses the Győr–Sopron national border railway line of GYSEV, which it crosses on Bridge No. B0770.

Major road construction facilities:

  • proposed road No. 8603, section 1
  • proposed road No. 8603, section 2
  • existing road No. 8603, refurbishment of paving
  • roundabout No. 1
  • roundabout No. 2

Volume A4 includes the designs of a bicycle path to be designed between Farád and Jobaháza, which was constructed as a separated bicycle path next to the existing road No. 8603 to be refurbished.
Driveways and parallel dirt roads were designed for serving plots that will become inaccessible as a result of the construction of the new roads.

The project is currently under preparation. Its implementation is expected in the near future (2017).