Főmterv was established in 1950 and has successfully combined the values of many years of experience and engineering tradition with the ability of continuous technical renewal and adaptation to changing markets in the past more than six decades. Our corporate culture based on traditions has made it a natural requirement for all young new hires to think comprehensively and have a comprehension of the whole design process. A specialist staff in all technical areas, which is accomplished, competent and experienced, is a key factor of successful projects. The whole design process from conceptual designs and system designs to the preparation of detailed designs is carried out in-house. The complexity of Főmterv ensures that all engineering areas involved in the construction of a facility can be prepared within a single design workshop.

In the area of complex transport facilities, in addition to complete road, railway and traffic engineering design, transport systems are devised conceptually and network analyses and simulations are carried out as well. In the area of utilities, in addition to the design of water, sewer, gas, district heating and electrical networks, public lighting and mechanical systems complement the range of design areas. Bridge and engineering structure design includes retaining walls and small engineering structures through river bridges to the engineering structures of special facilities such as underground stations and subways. Our geotechnical division analyses geological samples in our own laboratory.

Főmterv was transferred to the ownership of its own employees during its privatisation in 1992. With its balanced operation, a staff of about 300 and sales amounting to about 17 million Euro per year, our company has been a reliable partner int he area of infrastructure design, and plays an important rolein works in Hungary over past more than 20 years since then.

We perform our work with commitment to, and responsibility for, our profession every day, in continuation of engineering traditions with a great past in Hungary.