FŐMTERV Mérnöki Tervező Zrt. has been successfully operating its quality management system since 1997 and its integrated quality and environmental management system since 2012 without interruption. The quality and environmental management system is a means to ensure that we always deliver reliable, high quality work and guarantee participation in tenders, continuously providing customised services to a high standard to all of our customers. In addition to complying with legislation, our company commits itself to preventing environmental pollution and minimising risks arising from the operation of the company; as a means to do so, it continuously decreases its release of electronic, paper and hazardous waste and the energy used by its facilities. In order to reduce fossil fuel use, it encourages and tries to promote transport and commuting to work by bicycle among its employees with its development projects. Its commitment to environmental protection appears not only at the company level, in the everyday life of our employees, but also in the services and products provided by us. We try to design the proposed facilities within the framework set by our Principal in such a way that they serve sustainable development and environmental protection to the greatest extent possible. Among other things, the above goals are also served by tram tracks seeded with grass, which increases green areas, railway platform canopies fitted with solar panels as well as sewage removal and treatment facilities.

We expect ourselves to ensure that professional references, the traditional reputation of our company, responsibility for our environment, trust and reliability appear together in each and every service and innovative development created. Our goal is to ensure that commitment to quality, environmental protection and continuous development becomes an inner drive and develops a need for exactingness in every employee. Our company agrees also for the future to unceasingly improve the quality of its work and its environmental performance by continuously developing its evaluation system and setting newer and newer goals.